Create WAMS ID
and activate it via emailed link [exit DNR].
Request access
to on-line systems.
Log in
to the Switchboard [exit DNR].
Reset password
if you forgot your WAMS ID or password [exit DNR].
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Switchboard: Help logging in and using Switchboard

The information below will help you use the Switchboard secure e-business portal. If you can not find the answer to your question or problem, please contact us.

What is the Switchboard?

The Switchboard is designed to be your DNR e-business home page. You can see all the on-line systems and facilities which you have access to in one place. Think of it like a banking website were you can access all your bank accounts, credit cards and loans just by logging in once.

I forgot my WAMS id or password

If it says Login Failed, then you are not using the correct WAMS id or password. Passwords are case sensitive, so please try again. After several incorrect password attempts, your WAMS account will become locked. If you can't remember your WAMS id or password, there are two options to help you get back on-line:

  1. Please try this Account Recovery [exit DNR] link first. You may enter either your WAMS id or email address. You do not need to enter both. It will email you a link and then you will need to answer your secret question correctly.
  2. If you tried Account Recovery, but either don't receive the emailed link or can't remember the answer to your secret question then the WAMS Support Center can help you. Please use this Support Center form [exit DNR] to enter your contact information (the required items are marked with a star), then click the submit button on the bottom of the screen. Note that we have pre-filled some of the information to help route the message correctly. All you need to enter is your contact information.
I get a facility linkage error after I log in.

If it says that you are not connected to a facility after you log in, then we have not processed your access request yet. If you are sure you requested access, please try again after a few days. Otherwise, please use the Request Access to on-line systems link to gain access.

I don't see the facility or on-line system after I log in.

If you sucessfully logged in but don't see all the facilities that I work for or am missing roles, how do I add them? The best way is to use the Switchboard Registration link on the top left of this page, skip the User Id steps (#1 and 2), and follow the registration process for each facility and/or roles that you need to add.

I am having problems using an on-line system.

If you can log into the Switchboard, but are having problems using one of our on-line systems, please contact us at the bottom of the page. We may have to direct you to one of our system experts. If you know which system you are having problems with, you may use the related links on the right side of the screen for more help.

Who else has access?

Once you login to Switchboard, you may see who else has access to a company/facility using the "Review Facility Contacts" link.

Contact information
For information on the Switchboard, please contact:
Last revised: Tuesday September 25 2012